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Ferret Details


This ferret is located in Parramatta

Sex: Male
Colour: Sable
Age: 2 years
Added to Website: 1st July 2018

This ferret is suitable for an experienced ferret owner.

This ferret is not suitable for a home with children.

Playful, prefers to follow you than be picked up, is still learning that its alright to be held, energetic and a fantastic explorer

Carer's Contact Details
Name: Mario
Phone: 0411 537 848
Location: Parramatta
Carers Note: If no answer, please leave a message


Ferrets are $195 each, or $320 for two. They come desexed, fully vaccinated and wormed. Any known health issues will be disclosed.

A deposit of $50 is required for all un-desexed ferrets (normally babies) which is refunded after desexing.

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